Fairport Convention

Rising For The Moon - Island 1975

Tracks: 1. Rising for the Moon / 2. Restless / 3. White Dress / 4. Let It Go / 5. Stranger to Himself / 6. What Is True? / 7. Iron Lion / 8. Dawn / 9. After Halloween / 10. Night-Time Girl / 11. One More Chance / 12. Tears [*] / 13. Rising for the Moon [*] / 14. Stranger to Himself [*] / 15. One More Chance [*]


Fairport's 1975 album re-united the group with singer/songwriter Sandy Denny. Denny left the band in 1969 after the recording of the legendary "Liege and Lief" album.

During the the six years that had passed, the band had experienced quite a lot success and and several line-up changes. In fact only Dave Swarbrick and Dave Mattacks were still in the band, when the new recordings began. In the meantime Sandy had had her own group, "Fotheringay" and had recorded 3 highly acclaimed solo-albums.

Expectations were great among Fairport Convention fans about the re-union. And fans of Sandy Denny would not be disappointed, because Denny is in several ways the dominating figure on the album. As the main songwriter and singer on more than half of the album, it almost feels like a Denny album. The musicians backing Denny on her solo-albums were often friends from Fairport, anyway, so logically the sound is not very different. Denny's had already proved to be a prolific song-writer and on this album some of her very best can be found. The title track could very well be the most optimistic and commercial she ever wrote. And songs like "Stranger to Himself", "What is True" and "One More Chance" ranks with the very best on her solo-albums. Another stand-out is Swarbrick's wistful "White Dress" beautifully sung by Denny.

Unfortunately the songs sung by Swarbrick himself and Trevor Lucas not quite up to the high standards of Denny's. The best is Lucas' country influenced "Restless". The bonus-tracks draw the same picture, with three Denny demos ( all very good ) and a B-side written by Lucas.

Altogether probably one of the most main-stream and least folk-influenced albums the band ever released. Fine production and great playing by one of the strongest Fairport line-ups.

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