Los Lobos

Ride This - Hollywood 2004

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Jockey Full Of Bourbon / 2. More Than I Can Stand / 3. Uncomplicated / 4. Patria / 5. Shoot Out The Lights / 6. It'll Never Be Over For Me / 7. Marie Marie


"Ride This" is a 2004 mini CD collection of Los Lobos covers. Most tracks sound like they were Lobos originals, and the recordings are up to the band's usual standards; great production and great playing.

My clear favourite is Richard Thompson's "Shoot Out the Lights", which is given a dramatic hard-rock treatment. Also the rhythmic "Jockey Full of Bourbon" written by Tom Waits is a highlight. Though the rest of the album is good too, I won't compare it to what is on their regular albums.

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