Ricky Nelson

Ricky Sings Again - Imperial 1959

Tracks: 1. It's Late / 2. One Of These Mornings / 3. Believe What You Say / 4. Lonesome Town / 5. Tryin' To Get You / 6. Be True To Me / 7. Old Enough To Love / 8. Never Be Anyone Else But You / 9. I Can't Help It / 10. You Tear Me Up / 11. It's All In The Game / 12. Restless Kid / 13. I Got A Feeling / 14. Never Be Anyone Else But You (alt.) / 15. Lonesome Train (alt.) / 16. Gloomy Sunday


Ricky Nelson's 3rd and album for Imperial. The early albums were originally released during a very short interval. And it's really impressive that some many great recordings were made in such a short period of time. In my opinion this is one the most consistent albums Nelson did for Imperial.

Filled with great tunes by some Rick`s favorite songwriters like Johnny and Dorsey Burnette and Baker Knight! The guitar playing by James Burton is terrific; varied and innovative. Have a listen to the guitar break in "One Minute to One", the Burnette rockers "Believe What You Say" and Baker Knight`s "You Tear Me Up". Great ballads that fit Ricks's soft voice perfectly like "Lonesome Town", "Be True To Me" and "Never Be Anyone Else But You".

These recordings equals those of Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran as some of the best of the late 1950`s. I never cared much for Elvis, sorry!

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