Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson - Imperial 1958

Tracks: 1. Shirley Lee / 2. Someday / 3. There's Good Rockin' Tonight / 4. I'm Feelin' Sorry / 5. Down The Line / 6. Unchained Melody / 7. I'm In Love Again / 8. Don't Leave Me This Way / 9. My Babe / 10. I'll Walk Alone / 11. There Goes My Baby / 12. Poor Little Fool / 13. Stood Up / 14. Waitin' In School / 15. Believe What You Say (single) / 16. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It


On Nelson's second album "Ricky Nelson", he is backed by a bunch of young talented musicians with guitar legend James Burton as the most prominent; most solos though, were still played by Joe Maphis.

It contains a handful of pretty wild rockers featuring great playing by Nelson's "house band"; unfortunately Rick's voice often sound strained or even shrill. This may be due to poor production, but could also indicate that his voice wasn't yet ready for this kind of material. Interesting that one of these rockers, "There Goes My Bay", was written by guitarist James Burton and bassist James Kirkland.

Among the ballads "Someday" has become an all-time Nelson favourite. It was later released as a single and became a no. 9 hit in 1958. Sharon Sheeley's up-beat pop ballad would also be released as a single, and to Rick's big surprise become his first no 1 hit-single. Another outstanding track is Rick's own song "Don't Leave Me This Way" ( my personal favourite on the album ). This was the first recording of a Rick Nelson original and it's interesting that his song-writing is so close to that of Baker Knight's, who would contribute many songs to Nelson's later singles and albums; among them hits like "Lonesome Town", "Never Be Anyone Else" and "Sweeter Than You". A great melodic acoustic guitar-solo from Burton makes this track an even greater recording.

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