Ricky Nelson

Rick Is 21 - Imperial 1961

Tracks: 1. My One Desire / 2. That Warm Summer Night / 3. Break My Chain / 4. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans / 5. I'll Make Believe / 6. Travelin' Man / 7. Oh Yeah, I'm In Love / 8. Everybody But Me / 9. Lucky Star / 10. Sure Fire Bet / 11. Stars Fell On Alabama / 12. Hello Mary Lou / 13. You Are The Only One / 14. Milk Cow Blues


Even though the well-known Rick Nelson album prescription is continued here, compared to the spotty "More Songs by Ricky", "Rick is 21" is a much better and more modern sounding album. The songs are generally stronger, and Rick's new songwriting discoveries Dave Burgess and Jerry Fuller, in particular, give the album a more modern approach; obviously also thanks to better production. Jerry Fuller's "Travellin` Man" ( and "Hello Mary Lou") actually was Rick's comeback as charttopper. Jerry Fuller contributed one more fine pop-ballad "That Warm Summer Night" and the rocking "Break My Chain".

The, by far, strongest rocker, though, is Dorsey Burnette's "My One Desire"; of course featuring a new killer solo from James Burton.

Dave Burgess' two songs both sound inspired, and much in the same vein as Fuller's.

The usual inclusion of a couple of old standards, give place to "Miss New Orleans" and "Stars Fell on Alabama"; both good songs in their own right, but they seem out of place here.

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