Carole King

Rhymes and Reason / Ode 1972

Tracks: 1. Come Down Easy / 2. My My She Cries / 3. Peace in the Valley / 4. Feeling Sad Tonight / 5. The First Day in August / 6. Bitter with the Sweet / 7. Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone / 8. Stand Behind Me / 9. Gotta Get Through Another Day / 10. I Think I Can Hear You / 11. Ferguson Road / 12. Been to Canaan


"Rhymes and Reasons" from 1972 was Carole King's fourth album. The album was a big hit and reached second place on the Billboard 200 chart. Only single from the album was the fine "Back to Canaan". As a whole, "Rhymes and Reasons" may be one of King’s less noticeable album with relatively few ”earhanger” tunes, and also not an album that stylistically differs very much from its predecessor "Music".

My absolute favorite is the catchy ”Gotta Get Through Another Day”, wherein the wistful and sad lyrics are contrasted by a light and upbeat melody. Strangely enough not one of King’s well-known songs. Another great song and favorite is the quiet waltzing "My My She Cries".

Otherwise, one notices songs like "Come Down Easy" and "Peace in the Valley", which easily could have been "Tapestry" songs.

The album as a whole is a quiet low-key affair, with fine songs from one of pop/rock history's greatest songwriters.

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