Paul Revere & the Raiders

Recolution - Columbia 1967

Tracks: 1. Him Or Me-What's It Gonna Be / 2. Reno / 3. Upon Your Leaving / 4. Mo'reen / 5. Wanting You / 6. Gone-Movin' On / 7. I Had A Dream / 8. Tighter / 9. Make It With Me / 10. Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can / 11. I Hear A Voice / 12. Ups And Downs / 13. Try Some Of Mine / 14. Legend Of Paul Revere


The silly albumcover is actually very misleading. The title of the album gives a much better impression to where the group was in its artistic development at this point. Together with producer Terry Melchior, Mark Lindsay wrote all the songs on the album, many of which show new sides of the group; not least a much greater complexity and variation in both songwriting and arrangements.

In addition to the two single hits "Him or Me" and "I Had a Dream" - both beautiful and relatively complex numbers the album contains great songs like "Gone - Movin 'On," "Tighter" and the Hollies inspired "Mo'reen"; In fact, only the slightly annoying "Leslie" falls out.

Like most albums at this time the playing time is fairly short (about 30 minutes), so it is welcome that this version is supplemented with the single "Ups and Downs" and the fine autobiographical b-side "Legend of Paul Revere."

Seven numbers are also included in their stereo versions - sonically you can only be impressed great production. Finally, there is an outtake from the album sessions, "Try Some, and Mine", which sounds finished, but which probably originally was weighed and found wanting.

In any case, this is an album which shows that the group was much more than a band that just would please and entertain there were certainly creative ambitions, too.

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