Reveal - WB 9 47946-2 - 2001

Tracks: 1. The Lifting / 2. I've Been High / 3. All the Way to Reno / 4. She Just Wants To Be / 5. Disappear / 6. Saturn Return / 7. Beat a Drum / 8. Imitation Of Life / 9. Summer Turns To High / 10. Chorus & The Ring / 11. I'll Take The Rain / 12. Beachball


Reveal is a quiet melodic album with a lot of fine songs that are bound to grow on you. First impression may be that only the two singles "All the Way to Reno" and "Imitation of Life" - and yes they are standouts - among the very best of their long list of hit-singles.

The opening "The Lifting" is one of the punchier songs, and a great one too. The quiet ballad "I've Been High" is a moving song that seems get get better with everytime you listen to it. Another favourite is "She Just Wants to Be" with its quiet acoustic start and great chorus.

Musically there seem to be a lot of inspiration from Brian Wilson - "Beat a Drum", "Summer Turns to High" and "Beachball" are very good examples of this - all fine tracks. Though maybe not as high-profiled as classics like "Life's Rich Pageant" or "Out of Time" I would easily rank "Reveal" as one of REM's strongest and most consistent albums.

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