Mike Heron

Mike Heron's Reputation - 1975

Tracks: 1. Down on My Knees / 2. Easy Street / 3. Evie / 4. Residential Boy / 5. Without Love / 6. Born to Be Gone / 7. Angels in Disguise / 8. Wine of


Mike Heron's second solo album from 1975 is not to the same degree as his debut "Smiling Men With Bad Reputation" characterized by many prominent guest appearances.

On "Mike Heron's Reputation" the list of musicians is equally long, only many of these are less known than people like Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, John Cale , Richard Thompson and several others who contribute on the first album.

Richard Thompson appears here only on a single track "Down on My Knees", which in turn is one of the highlights. Mike Heron's songwriting is generally fine and inspired; interesting that he on several numbers, both vocally and in his songwriting is similar to Cat Stevens. This goes, for my ears at least, for "Down on My Knees," "Angels in Disguise" (my favorite) and the equally fine "Meanwhile the Rain".

Style-wise, Heron spreds over several genres and the folk-roots he is known for with The Incredible String Band is only obvious to a modest degree.

Besides the already mentioned songs, the ballads "Evie" and "One of the Finest" should be highlighted. Basically "Mike Heron's Reputation" is a fine little album without direct weak or filler songs.

Vocally Heron is nicely backed up on several songs by Linda Thompson, while teammate Robin Williamson is in the backing vocals choir on two songs. An interesting, but unfortunately not very significant Melanie, is also in the choir on two tracks.

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