Divine Comedy

Regeneration - Parlophone 2001

Tracks: 1. Timestretched / 2. Bad Ambassador / 3. Perfect Lovesong / 4. Note To Self / 5. Lost Property / 6. Eye Of The Needle / 7. Love What You Do / 8. Dumb It Down / 9. Mastermind / 10. Regeneration / 11. The Beauty Regime


"Resurrection" definitely belongs among the best Divine Comedy albums. The production is clearly better than on the previous Setanta releases Setanta; not least thanks to producer Nigel Godrich who has created a much more modern "Britpop" sound.

Unfortunately the album was more an artistic success than a commercial one. Great catchy songs like "Perfect Love Song" and "Love What You Do" appear strong enough to follow up on previous singles successes as "National Express" and "Generation Sex. "

In any event, there are plenty of fine songs in the best Hannon style. Besides the aforementioned the bluesy "Bad Amassador" stands out. Also the quiet melodic "Mastermind" is a clear favorite.

Some numbers almost have Radiohead-feel about them - best of those is "Dumb er Down"

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