Savage Rose

Refugee - Polydor 1971

Tracks: 1. Revival Day / 2. Dear Little Mother / 3. Granny's Grave / 4. Ballad Of Gale / 5. Refugee / 6. And I Dream / 7. Dreamland / 8. Walking In The Line


"Refugee" from 1971 was the fifth album by Savage Rose. Compared to the great previous album "Your Daily Gift" this is a more uneven release, with the band trying out various styles and genres.

The band is here leaning out more towards blues and jazz, a tendency which was continued further with "Babylon" from 1972. The original band as a five-piece line-up also ended with this album; the trio of the Koppel Brothers and Annisette continued hereafter with various session musicians.

The album opens with the strong straight-forward rocker "Revival Day" - great song and one of their very best rocking songs. Another stand-out is "Dear Little Mother", which is classical Savage Rose; beautiful and melodic. Note that this is a different version from the one on "Triumph of Death" Also great is the title track with its Fats Domino piano, and the sad "Ballad of Gale" - more classical S.R.

The rest of the album is just good music, but probably not as memorable, based pretty heavily on traditional jazz and blues.

The cover of the album could very well be the most uninspired of their whole career - cannot have have helped the sales of the album, which sold very poorly compared its predecessors.

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