Big Star

Radio City - Ardent 1974

Tracks: 1. O My Soul / 2. Life Is White / 3. Way Out West / 4. What's Going Ahn / 5. You Get What You Deserve / 6. Mod Lang / 8. Back of a Car / 9. Daisy Glaze / 10. She's a Mover / 11. September Gurls / 12. Morpha Too / 13. I'm in Love With a Girl


Whereas the debut album had a very acoustic feel to it, “Radio City” was more raw album without losing the sound of Big Star, though. Chilton´s “September Gurls” has become a power-pop classic. The song has been recorded by numerous other artist, but none of those that I have heard come close to surpassing this terrific original version.

The album contains so much great music that it can be difficult to bring out just a few specifically; but songs like “Life is White”, “Way Out West”, “What´s Going Ahn” and “Daisy Glaze” are so great that I can´t help just bringing them up. Bassist Andy Hummel and drummer Jody Stephens helped Chilton in writing these songs.

With the closing track, the nice acoustic “I´m in Love With a Girl”, they return to the softer feel of the first album.

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