Francoise Hardy

Le Question - Sonopresse 1971

Tracks: 1. Bati mon nid / 2. Chanson d'O / 3. Doigts / 4. La maison / 5. La question / 6. Le martien / 7. Meme sous la pluie / 8. Mer / 9. Oui, je dis adieu / 10. Reve / 11. Si mi caballero / 12. Viens


I am fully aware that this is one of Francoise Hardy's most acclaimed albums, and I must therefore conclude that I probably do not belong to the target audience for this music.

Only in glimpses the I sense freshness and timelessness that characterizes most of her previous albums and best songs in general. Her collaboration with Brazilian guitarist and arranger, Tuca, has led this album heavily towards a MOR style spiced up with jazzy undertones; a more mature direction, some might say.

Unlike albums of her album from the 1960s, I also feel that this album comes out pretty dated. Although everything is done skillfully and professionally, it never really comes to life as a whole.

Only in a few cases I retrieve what I expect from a classic Hardy album. The quiet and acoustic "Doigts" written by Hardy herself is a nice little song, which despite its short playing-time manages turn on the listener's (my) attention. Also, the very catchy "Bati mon nid" has everything I could wish for a Francoise Hardy single.

But again, what people may think of "Le Question" ultimately depends on taste.

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