Quadrophenia - Track 1973

Tracks: 1. I Am The Sea / 2. The Real Me / 3. Quadrophenia / 4. Cut My Hair / 5. The Punk And The Godfather / 6. I'm One / 7. The Dirty Jobs / 8. Helpless Dancer / 9. Is It In My Head? / 10. I've Had Enough // 1. 5:15 / 2. Sea And Sand / 3. Drowned / 4. Bell Boy /5. Doctor Jimmy / 6. The Rock / 7. Love, Reign O'er Me


"Quadrophenia" was probably the most ambitious work from the Who. Released in 1973 after the incredible success of their previous album "Who's Next" expectations were obviously enormous. But whereas "Who's Next" was a regular rock album, "Quadrophenia" was a concept album - a soundtrack - something much more complex. No big surprise that the album could not repeat the success of its predecessor, and that many fans were disappointed with the album - at least in the beginning. Because this is really a great album, with so much great adventurous music that will grow on the listener. But at the same time it's an album where many tracks do not work very well outside the concept of the album. Relatively few songs are regulars on the various Who compilations that have been released over the years. In that was the album could be compared with the Kinks' "Preservation Act 2" which is also a great album, but with few titles that people will normally remember.

The catchy "5.15" as the only single is one of the exceptions off this album - one of the out-standing tracks. Among the longer and more complex tracks "Drowned", "The Punk and the Godfather" and of course the theme-song "Love Reign Over Me" stand out. Also the the half-acoustic and moving "I'm One" and the amusing "Bell Boy" stand out.

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