The Divine Comedy

Promenade - Setanta 1994

Tracks: 1. Bath / 2. Going Downhill Fast / 3. The Booklovers / 4. A Seafood Song / 5. Geronimo / 6. Don't Look Down / 7. When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe / 8. The Summerhouse / 9. Neptune's Daughter / 10. A Drinking Song / 11. Ten Seconds to Midnight / 12. Tonight We Fly


"Promenade" is Neil Hannonís/The Divine Comedyís sequel to the excellent "Liberation" album from 1993. Musically, the album is a natural extension of its predecessor with elements from pop, classical and music-hall. Thematically it has been called a loose concept album on two young lovers who spend a day at the seaside, with "water" as a predominant component in several songs.

It is a little special that no song was released as a single - perhaps because it was decided that there was the obvious number for this. More songs are both melodic and catchy, though, and might possibly very well have been adapted for a single releases. In this group of songs we find my most of my favorites like "Donít Look Down," "When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe" and "Tonight We Fly". Also the opening track "Bath" has a catchy beat, but is, of course, with its long intro not immediately suitable as a single.

The short piano-driven "Geronimo" is another favourite, while "Your Daddy's Car" is classic Divine Comedy narrative style a fun story with a twinkle in the eye. Other tracks are less readily accesible which probably also goes for the album as a whole compared to its predecessor.

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