Mamas & Papas

Presenting The Mamas and Papas - Dunhill 1968

Tracks: Tracks: 1. The Right Somebody To Love / 2. Safe In My Garden / 3. Meditation Mama (Transcendental Woman Travels) / 4. For The Love Of Ivy / 5. Dream A Little Dream Of Me / 6. Mansions / 7. Gemini Childe / 8. Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl / 9. Too Late / 10 Twelve Thirty / 11. Rooms / 12. Midnight Voyage


Michelle Philips opens the 4th Mamas and Papas album "Presenting" with a charming acapella version of the old Shirley Temple song "The Right Somebody to Love"; you might easily mistake her her for Marilyn Monroe on that one. The song goes directly into their majestic "Save in My Garden"; another John Philips masterpiece - it undeservedly on made # 53 in the charts.

"Medication Mama" is another strong track, nothing like their usual style,almost country and sung by John Philips ( or Doherty?)

"For the Love of Ivy" is another of their favourites, though not a hit, it's included on most Mamas and Papas compilations and "Dream a Little Dream" is Cass Elliot's tour de force. A great recording.

Their cover of "Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl" is okay, but apart from the terrific single-track "Twelve-Thirty", the rest of the album is pretty forgettable.

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