Neil Young

Prairie Wind - Reprise 2005

The opening song "The Painter" is a very beautiful composition that makes you look out for your guitar to figure out how it goes. This is surely a classic. "No Wonder" is great too, maybe more traditional in its structure, but with lyrics that give rise for reflection.

"Falling Off The Face Of The Earth" has a great verse line - reminds me a lot about Lou Reed. The falsetto part does not quite live up to the verse, but generally it's a great song too, with nice tasteful organ in the background.

"Far From Home" and "It's Dream" is both sad songs - the first a bluesy tune with both horns, harmonica and slide guitar, whereas the second is a slow waltzy song. There is also some nostalgia in the lyrics of the title-track "Prarie Wind" - one of the few blues-rockers on the album, the longest track, too. "Here For You" is a melodic ballad which in spite of steel guitar and strings has a naked honesty to it.

"This Old Guitar" is quite nice, but best remembered for the guest-appearance of Emmylou Harris. "He was the King" has a live unplugged feel to it, and the closing track "When God Made Me" is a gospel kind of tune. Without being weak are the last numbers of the album make to lose a little strength, and my favorites are among those first seven.

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