Tom Robinson Band

Power in the Darkness - EMI 1978

Tracks: 1. Up Against the Wall / 2. Grey Cortina / 3. Too Good to Be True / 4. Ain't Gonna Take It / 5. Long Hot Summer / 6. Winter of '79 / 7. Man You Never Saw / 8. Better Decide Which Side You're On / 9. You Gotta Survive / 10. Power in the Darkness/ 11. Don't Take No for an Answer/ 12. Martin / 13. Glad to Be Gay / 14. Right on Sister/ 15. 2-4-6-8 Motorway / 16. I Shall Be Released / 17. I'm Alright Jack / 18. Waiting for My Man [Live]/ 19. Power in the Darkness [2004 Remix]


Tom Robinson Band broke through around 1977-78 alongside punk bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash and Jam. Though never really a punk-band themselves the group played some very solid down-to-earth rock-songs, very often with political lyrics.

The line-up was never very stable, and already with the next album, half of the band had left. The band only recorded this, their debut album, and a second album "TRB2", released in 1979. Really a big shame, because the band had a lot of energy and wrote some brilliant songs. Their big hit "2-4-6-8 Motorway" released in 1977 is probably the song that most people remember, and it's no wonder. Simply one of the catchiest rock songs ever written. The song was included on most versions of the album in 1978, and is obviously also to be found here.

Other great rockers include "Long Hot Hot Summer" and "Winter of 79". The title track also is one of the most memorable tracks. Among the softer tracks "Too Good to be True" and the cover of Bov Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" are favourites.

A good informative booklet makes the CD an even more attractive investment.

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