Please, Please Me - Parlophone 1963

Tracks: 1. I Saw Her Standing There / 2. Misery / 3. Anna / 4. Chains / 5. Boys / 6. Ask Me Why / 7. Please Please Me / 8. Love Me Do / 9. P.S. I Love You / 10. Baby It's You / 11. Do You Want To Know A Secret / 12. A Taste Of Honey / 13. There's A Place / 14. Twist And Shout


The Beatles' first album was largely recorded in one day. An unbelievable performance by today's standards. Then when you are listening to the music, which sound incredibly tight, inspired and accomplished, you may be in lack of words. Breathtaking

Most of the numbers were inherited from the group's live material, and this is obviously part of the reason that they were able to record in such a short time. It should be mentioned, in the name of truth, that four numbers originated from previously released singles.

Eight tracks are Lennon / McCartney originals, including the singles "Love Me Do" and "Please Please Me" which had already been in the charts at the time of the album release. The obvious or single-choice "I Saw Here Standing There", did not come out in the UK, but was released several places in Europe and the following year also in the United States. John Lennon's vocal tour de force performance of "Twist and Shout" was also released only outside the UK. In the US it reached the number two spot - in fact "Do You Want to Know a Secret" managed to do the same in 1964 - a bit more surprising, I should say.

Apart from Ringo's vocal on "Boys" and partly George's on "Do You Want to Know a Secret" it is in particular the vocals that are impressing; both individually and in harmony.

Highlights are Lennon's vocals on "Anna", "Ask Me Why" and not least on "Baby It's You" and the Twist and Shout ". McCartney shines on "I Saw Here Standing There" and "PS I Love You ". George performing lead vocals works fine on "Chains" and together they are terrific on "Misery" and "There's a Place".

Finally it should be mentioned, that without a producer like George Martin, it would never have possible to create a milestone like this under such circumstances.

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