Brinsley Schwarz

Please Don't Ever Change - United Artists 1973

Tracks: 1. Hooked on Love / 2. Why Do We Hurt the One We Love? / 3. I Worry / 4. Don't Ever Change / 5. Home in My Hand / 6. Play That Fast Thing / 7. I Won't Make It Without You / 8. Down in Mexico / 9. Speedoo / 10. The Version (Hypocrite)


"Please Don't Ever Change" which was Brinsley Schwarz's fifth album, is somewhat of a disappointment. After two artistically successful albums, "Silver Gun"and "Nervous on the Road", both were strongly influenced by American country music, this album surprisingly is an almost pure r&b album.

The melodious songs from Nick Lowe, Ian Gomm are virtually absent on this album where as much four tracks are cover versions. Nick Lowe's songs come out almost as ironic pastiches of artists like Elvis Presley and Fats Domino. Most memorable is probably "Why do we Hurt the One We Love" which has a surprising reggae-like beat. Reggae music had by this time not really caught on.

The by far the strongest track on the album is Ian Gomm's soulfull "Hooked on Love" which has a nice drive, and may give associations towards the Grateful Dead at their best. Wisely enough, this song was chosen as the opening number, unfortunately the album grauadually loses steam from there.

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