Nick Drake

Pink Moon - Island 1972

Tracks: 1. Pink Moon / 2. Place To Be / 3. Road / 4. Which Will / 5. Horn / 6. Things Behind The Sun / 7. Know / 8. Parasite / 9. Free Ride / 10. Harvest Breed / 11. From The Morning


Pink Moon" was the third and last album that Nick Drake managed to get released in his all too short lifetime. The album differs somewhat from the previous two; first and foremost through the fact that the songs are only accompanied by Drake himself on his acoustic guitar, apart from the title track which has a nice little piano line also played by Drake.

The songs are generally simple and short, and in some cases they may seem a little unfinished, with only one verse and a slightly raw sound on the guitar. Drake's well known and strong songwriting is present on most tracks, and when a first disappointment may have subsided, you will discover several fine songs on a par with Drake's very best.

The title track "Pink Moon" is perhaps the easiest to tune to fall for; a very melodic and catchy song, ywhich you may easily find yourself go humming. A nice variation with the nice piano-part.

There is as of the first two albums a sad undertone to most songs. This applies not least "Place to Be", one of the few songs with longer lyrics. "Road" is a nice little song that could well sound like a Donovan song.

"Which Will" is also a song that wins on closer acquaintance, while "Horn" is a nice little instrumental which showcases Drake's original guitar style. "Things Behind the Sun" is another of the album highlights; a song which seems completely finished, unlike the next track "Know", which in both sound and form appears rather unfinished - a little bluesy thing.

The sad mood get an extra shot with "Parasite" also one of the most memorable songs. "Free Ride" may also appear a little unfinished but still quite charming Another fine Donovan-like song. "Harvest Breed" is a very short little song with just a single verse - it has a fine typical Drake melody.

"From the Morning" is a worthy end to a nice little album which may nevertheless appear somewhat unresolved, and one can easily come to feel that the album could have deserved a little more time in the creation process and maybe a little variation in the arrangements. The cover art, though, is by far the most interesting among Drake's three albums.

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