Tracks: 1. Luka / 2. Zephyr & I / 3. New York is a Woman / 4. In Liverpool / 5. Calypso / 6. Fat Man and Dancing Girl / 7. The Queen and the Soldier / 8. Rock in the Pocket (Song of David) / 9. Angel s Doorway / 10. Ironbound/Fancy Poultry / 11. Neighborhood Girls / 12. Tom s Diner / 13. The Man Who Played God


This second Close-Up release features 12 stripped down versions of previously released songs along with the new song "The Man Who Played God". The instrumentation is generally lighter than on the original versions with Vega's vocals as strong and clear as ever. The acoustic guitar is the overall dominating instrument, but most songs also have bass, percussion and some electric guitar.

With the theme "People and Places" the songs are taken from various album from throughout Vega's career. Her second album "Solitude Standing" was her commercially most succesful and four songs are hauled from that particular album. Her overlooked most recent album of new songs "Beauty and Crime" from 2007 contribute three of my favourites on this CD; especially "Zephyr & I" works much better on this re-recording.

Great to hear Vega's many fine songs in new versions. Four Close-Up albums are recorded so far. The new song "The Man Who Played God" is very good, so hopefully soon there'll be an album of more new songs too.

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