The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Part One - Reprise 1967

Tracks: 1. Shifting Sands / 2. I Won't Hurt You / 3. 1906 / 4. Help, I'm A Rock / 5. Will You Walk With Me / 6. Transparent Day / 7. Leiyla / 8. Here's Where You Belong / 9. If You Want This Love / 10. 'Scuse Me Miss Rose / 11. High Goin' / 12 Transparent Day* / 13. Help, I'm A Rock*


This second album "Part One" from The WCPAEB is a huge leap forward, compared to its predecessor, which confusingly was called "Volume One". Not least, the sound has now been improved to a professional level, which could not really be said of several songs on the debut album.

There is also more room for musical experiments and stings; not least Frank Zappa’s number "Help. I'm a Rock " belongs to the more weird department. Primarily, I think, it is the melodic side of the group, with jangling guitars, which make the album so very listenable. If you like The Byrds or The Searchers, there is a good chance that many songs on "Part One" will fall into taste.

Especially the catchy and Byrds sounding single ”Transparent Day” sticks out. Much in the same vein are "Here Where You Belong" (PF Sloan), "If You Want This Love" (B. Knight) and "I Will Not Hurt You" (Morris / Lloyd / Markley) all fine songs that lift the album.

The closing track "High Coin" is a very charming acoustic instrumental, with a fun presentation of the group - funny that the number was not chosen as the opening track.

A fine album for its time, where members of the group Bob Markley, Shaun Harris, Danny Harris, Michael Lloyd and Ron Morgan all contributed to the songwriting.

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