Pete Ham

7 Park Avenue - Ryko 1997

Tracks: 1:Catherine Cares / 2:Coppertone Blues/ 3:It Doesn't Really Matter / 4:Live Love All Your Days / 5:Would You Deny / 6:Dear Father / 7:Matted Spam / 8:No Matter What / 9:Leaving On a Midnight Train / 10:Weep Baby / 11:Hand In Hand / 12:Sille Veb / 13: I Know That You Should / 14:Island / 15:Just Look Inside The Cover / 16:Just How Lucky We Are / 17:No More / 18:Ringside / 19:Just A Chance / 20:The Heart That Can't Be Understood / 21:Come, Come Tomorrow / 22:Blessing In Disguise / 23:Know One Knows/6


This collection of home-recordings has become one of my favourite albums. An impressive collection of songs - it's hard to understand that just two of them were recorded by Pete Ham's band Badfinger.

"Catherine Cares" is a fine opener - the sound comes close to Badfinger's. "Coppertone Blues" is a strong acoustic ballad - a highlight on the album. "It Doesn't Really Matter" has been my personal favourite from the very first time I heard it - should have been recorded by the band - could have been a hit - maybe some day it will. "Live Love all of Your Days" is also a good song - very much like Badfinger - would have fitted nicely into one of the first albums. "Would You Deny" is a lovely acoustic track - very clean sound. - I'never cared much for "Matted Spam" on the Badfinger-album - this version has made me like it better. "No Matter What" - Pete's own version of Badfinger's big hit - surprisingly I don't think it's a stand out song on the album - could some of the other songs have been equally big hits? "Leaving On a Midnight Train" is a strong rocker with great vocals by Pete. "Hand in Hand" is another strong track - in a similar style to "Perfection" from Straight Up. "Sille Veb" is a fantastic song. Another highlight . Beautiful strings-arrangement. Unfortunately the sound of the original tape is not so good. "I Know that You Should" - a great intro - the song seems a bit unfinished though."Just look inside the Cover" - another favourite - as always a great melody. "Just How Lucky We Are" - Yet another highlight - One more song that deserved a full production - could be a classic like "Sille Veb" and "It Doesn't Really Matter". "No More" and "Ringside" - two songs from Pete's very last days - very strong tunes - difficult to listen to regarding the sad circumstances.

The Japanese bonustracks are all very strong - the sound-quality is unfortunately not very good. Great job by producer Dan Matovina

My favourites: Coppertone Blues, It Doesn't Really Matter, Would You Deny, Hand In Hand, Sille Veb, Just How Lucky We Are, No More, Ringside, The Heart That Can't Be Understood and Blessing in Disguise

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