Lana Del Rey

Paradise - Polydor 2012

Tracks: 1. Ride / 2. American / 3. Cola / 4. Body Electric / 5. Blue Velvet / 6. Gods & Monsters / 7. Yayo / 8. Bel Air


"Paradise" is Del Rey's successor to the successful album "Born to Die" also released in 2012. "Paradise" is considered a mini-album, sometimes even as an EP. The playing time of over 33 minutes is more than what many classic albums of the 1960s from groups like The Byrds, The Kinks and The Beatles offered. In fact, only one single album released by the Beach Boys in the sixties surpasses "Paradise" in playing time. My point is, of course, that I in no way feel cheated because of the short running time of "Paradise".

In fact, I think you could well claim that the eight songs come out as a very homogeneous release, whereas on "Born to Die" there were a few songs that seemed unnecessary and umimportant.

"Paradise" also features a trio of stand-out numbers here. Especially the opening track "Ride", is a distinguished dramatic ballad that shows Del Rey from her very best side. "Cola" with its controversial lyrics is also an irresistibly catchy popsong. Del Rey's cover of the old Clover song "Blue Velvet" surpasses for me all previous versions of this song that I have heard. The song does not in any way fall out of place on the album, where the music otherwise written by Del Rey herself with help from various friends.

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