Panic of Girls - Noble 2011

Tracks: † 1. D-Day / 2. What I Heard / 3. Mother / 4. The End The End / 5. Girlie Girlie / 6. Love Doesn't Frighten Me / 7. Words in My Mouth / 8. Sunday Smile / 9. Wipe Off My Sweat / 10. Le Bleu / 11. China Shoes


I must say that I had no great expectations for " Panic of Girls" , which is the first Blondie album I listen to from after their reunion , in fact , I think the album may well measure up to some of the less notable albums from the group's heyday and it clearly shines over " The Hunter " .

The music has not really changed that much and on most songs you may not notice from Debbie Harry's voice that she has become older and that she is by now quite a mature woman .

Harry has written more than half of the albumís 11 songs, and she appears as both a versatile and a highly capable songwriter. A couple of fine ballads such as "The End The End" and "China Shoes" are among my favorites, while more upbeat songs like " D -Day " and " Mother" also work fine.

Chris Stein, who originally was the group's main songwriter, contributes only a single song , the French-language "Le Bleu" which is quite far from the general mood of the album and perhaps also the song that most clearly reveals Harry's age, she quite reminds me of Marianne Faithful on this one.

"What I Heard " is a fine up-beat pop- rock song written by Matt Katz-Bohen , but is also sounds like that some of was borrowed much from the neglected group Moi Caprice. "Girlie Girlie" by Anthony Davis is probably the album's most immediately catchy song; it may seem a bit silly but it is also incredibly charming.

A fine Blondie album, which I belive many of the group's original fans will appreciate.

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