Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes - Edsel ( 66-68 )

Tracks: 1. Making Time / 2. Try and Stop Me / 3. Painter Man / 4. Biff Bang Pow / 5. If I Stay Too Long / 6. Nightmares / 7. Cool Jerk / 8. Like a Rolling Stone / 9. I Am the Walker / 10. Can I Join Your Band? / 11. Hey Joe / 12. Life Is Just Beginning / 13. Through My Eyes / 14. How Does It Feel to Feel [US Version] / 15. How Does It Feel to Feel [UK Version] / 16. Tom Tom / 17. Midway Down / 18. Girls Are Naked / 19. Bony Maronie / 20. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / 21. For All That I Am / 22. Uncle Bert / 23. Ostrich Man [*] / 24. Sweet Helen [*]


The Creation, the obscure band which only existed for about 3 years in the 1960's, has somehow become a legend in British pop-art psych-rock and an inspiration to many later bands. The group recorded less than thirty songs in the sixties and the majority of them are included on this collection. The only recording I'm aware of that's not included is the instrumental "Sylvette" which was originally released on a French EP.

Their records were produced by Shel Talmy and their earliest recordings do have a lot in common with the early Who, which Talmy also produced. The two first singles released in 1966 were very strong, but unfortunately only "Painterman" became a minor hit in their home-country. In several European countries they were more successful and in Germany they actually released two albums during 1967-68.

Tensions with the band led to leadsinger Kenny Pickett leaving the group in early 1967 and bass-player Bob Garner took over as lead-vocalist. The group wrote the majority of their material themselves, with guitarist Eddie Phillips as the most prolific. The singles released in 1967 with Garner in front were ambitious but uneven and none of them managed achieve the relative success of "Painterman".

The album "We are Paintermen" was released in 1967 including their singles, a couple of new originals and some pretty uninspired cover versions.

The line-up of the band became unstable and though experienced musicians like Ron Wood ( Faces / Stones ) were in the band for a brief period in 1968, most of their later recordings lacked the excitement of their 1966-67 material. Oddly enough some of their best recordings like "I Am the Walker", "Ostrich Man" and "Sweet Helen" were not released long after the group had disbanded.

Apart from the tracks already mentioned "For All That I Am", "Life is Just Beginning" and "Through My Eyes" also are songs that justify the band's legendary status.

The group re-united in 1991 and recorded an album which was released after the death of lead-singer Pickett in 1996.

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