Fleetwood Mac

The Original Fleetwod Mac - CBS 1971 (68-69)

Tracks: 1. Drifting / 2. Leaving Town Blues / 3. Watch Out / 4. A Fool No More / 5. Mean Old Fireman / 6. Can't Afford To Do It / 7. Fleetwood Mac / 8. Worried Dream / 9. Love That Woman / 10. Allow Me One More Show / 11. First Train Home / 12. Rambling Pony No.2 / 13. Watch Out (Take 1) / 14. Something Inside Of Me / 15. Something Inside Of Me (Take 2) / 16. Something Inside Of Me (Take 3) / 17. One Sunny Day / 18. Without You / 19. Coming Your Way


This album was originally released in 1971 as a collection of early out-takes. At that time Peter Green had been out of the band for about a year and the demand for more Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac material was still big. The last Fleetwood Mac album with Green ( Then Play On ) and the great 1970 single "The Green Manalishi" had shown the band as more than a traditional blues band, but here it's the sound of their early albums that is showcased.

Most tracks are out-takes from the first album recorded in late 1967. The album as a whole is almost as good as their debut album and I actually like it better than their second "Mr Wonderful". A few tracks like the charming "Leaving Town Blues" may appear a little unfinished, but the material is mostly great with both Green and Jeremy Spencer originals.

For this version 4 bonus-tracks have been added - all recorded later in than the 12 originals, and all fine. "Mighty Cold" recorded in 1969 is Jeremy Spencer at his very best. "Jumping at Shadows" I have heard in other, better sounding versions, but Green's guitarplaying is simply a joy to listen to. "Man of Action" shows the "crazy" side of Spencer, and "Somebody's Gonna Get His Head Kicked in Tonight" was originally released as the B-side of "Man of the World". It may be a slightly different mix; I'm not quite sure about that. A must for fans of early Fleetwood Mac!!

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