Neil Young

On the Beach - Atlantic 1974

Tracks: 1. Walk On / 2. See the Sky About to Rain / 3. Revolution Blues / 4. For the Turnstiles / 5. Vampire Blues / 6. On the Beach / 7. Motion Pictures / 8. Ambulance Blues


Compared with the preceding Neil Young album "Harvest", "On the Beach" marks a pretty significant style in change. Where "Harvest" was generally a very melodic and catchy album, with strong roots in country music, the songwriting here is very much "Down to Earth", leaning strongly on the blues, and at times quite similar to the style of Bob Dylan.

One song sticks pretty much out from the rest; the beautiful "See the Sky about to Rain", which is a lot in the style of "Harvest" and also a personal favorite of mine.

Another very memorable track is the closing song "Ambulance Blues" which sounds like a song that Lou Reed could have written.Other favorites are "Walk On" and the acoustic "For the Turnstiles"

All songs are worthwhile, of course, and the album is another good example that you'll never know which way Neil Young will go next. Lyrically the songs are often dark and disillutioned.

Among the musicians you will find prominent names as David Crosby, Graham Nash and Rick Dank and Levon Helm from the Band.

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