It's Smoke Time - Metronome 1967

Tracks: 1. In The End / 2. The Magpie’s Song / 3. You Took Your Time / 4. Let The Good Times Roll / 5. Home / 6. Boogie Woogie / 7. You Were All I Need / 8. Sunshine / 9. Barcelona / 10. King’s Road / 11. Welcome To America / 12. One Two Three / 13. Si Bheag Si Mhor


Heron had actually split up and announced that they'd given their last concert in 2005, but the group apparently changed their minds and they are now again active together , even in the original form of Gerald Moore, Tony Pook , Roy Apps and Steve Jones.

I discovered, through random surfing on the internet, that in that the group had 2011 released this album "Simple As One, Two , Three" on the obscure Japanese label "Nice Folks" and that in 2013 another album "Jokerman" came out, ; although so far only in digital form for download. "Jokerman" is an album consisting entirely of Bob Dylan covers.

Gerald T. Moore was originally the group's main songwriter, with Roy Apps as the almost equally important contributor. Moore has for long periods been out of the group and doing his own projects, which logically meant that there was more anticipation for Apps songwriting and on more recent releases Apps was responsible for the vast majority of new songs.

On "Simple As One, Two , Three" Apps and Moore come out as equal contributors, though, however, though the two finest songs "One, Two , Three" and "The Magpie Song" were both written by Moore. Apps also contributes with fine tunes such as "In the End", "You Were All I Need"and "Barcelona".

None of the group members was ever really powerful singers , but together they had a fine sense of harmony and complemented each other so well. It is apparent on this new album that the voices over time have become somewhat more fragile and that the members of the group are no longer youngsters. There is, however, an authenticity and honesty in the performances which to some degree compensate for lost strength.

The album ends nicely with the delicate instrumental "Si Bheag Si Mhor".

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