Flamin' Grooveis

One Night Stand - ABD Records - 1987

Tracks: 1. Shake Some Action / 2. Slow Death / 3. Teenage Head / 4. Slow Down / 5. Tallahassee Lassie / 6. Kicks / 7. Bittersweet / 8. I Can't Hide / 9. Money / 10. Call Me Lightning / 11. Way Over My Head* / 12. You Tore Me Down* / 13. Shaking*


"One Night Stand" was an album that The Flamin 'Groovies released in 1987, after a years break without new album releases. In fact, eight years had passed since the predecessor ”Jumpin 'in the Night” was released in the 1979.

”One Night Stand” is actually re-recordings of their older material featuring only Cyril Jordan and George Alexander from the original band. The group still play a tight and clear-sounding rock with fine vocals. The album is also heavily influenced by the 1980s tendency to put the drums far forward in the sound-picture, which sounded right at the time, but which today can be a bit strenuous.

Four of the songs written by groupmembers themselves, and they are all strong; especially "Slow Death" and "Shake Some Action" I would not hesitate to call classics. The other songs are also sturdy and fit well with the group's rock sound. The Hoodoo Gurus' "Bittersweet" quite simply sounds like a Flamin' Groovies song.

Versions of the album are available with bonus tracks recorded around the same time, with titles like ”Backtracks” or ”Collection” . Strong recordings like "Way Over My Head" (a new original song), "Shaking" and an excellent remake of "You Tore Me Down" are attractive additions.

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