Indigo Girls

One Lost Day - Vanguard 2015

Tracks: 1. Elizabeth / 2. Happy in the Sorrow Key / 3. Southern California Is Your Girlfriend / 4. Texas Was Clean / 5. Alberta / 6. Olympia Inn / 7. If I Don't Leave Here Now / 8. Spread the Pain Around / 9. Learned It On Me / 10. The Rise of the Black Messiah / 11. Findlay, Ohio 1968 / 12. Fishtails / 13. Come a Long Way


This new album from the Indigo Girls shows that the duo is far from finished and run out of new ideas. Both women, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have written fine new songs with great melodies and lyrics which in various ways have something to say.

Most often, Amy Ray is behind the most rocking songs, and this is also the case of "One Lost Day" where "Happy in the Sorrow Key" and "Olympia Inn" are almost pure rockers - both very catchy. Among Rays more melodic and soft songs "Texas was Clean" is a really fine song, maybe a little in the vein of "Moment of Forgiveness" from "Become You".

Emily Saliers, on the other hand, most often is responsible for the more melancholy and sensitive songs; often with very melodic and catchy melodies. Several of Emily’s songs, however, this time have also got a little more"power" than what is normally the case. Musically, "Learned it on Me" shows the duo expanding their normal expression. Very fine lyrics also from Emily.

Emily's opening number "Elizabeth" is probably the album's most catchy and must be a sure future live favorite.

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