Ocean Colour Scene

One From The Modern - Island 1999

Tracks: Profit In Peace / 2. So Low / 3. I Am The News / 4. No One At All / 5. Families / 6. July / 7. Jane She Got Excavated / 8. Emily Chambers / 9. Soul Drivers / 10. Waves / 11. I Won't Get Grazed


This 4th Ocean Colour Scene album is their most quiet so far. There are a couple of upbeat cathy tunes like "Profit in Peace", but most of it is rather melancholy. Even the catchy "So Low" has a sad mood to it.

There are some beautiful ballads like "No One at All" and "Families", but it seems the best songs are placed in the first half of the album, and you may easily lose interest underways. It's not a bad album, but you cannot help feeling that it lacks some energy and optimism. For me "Marching Already" is by far their strongest album.

My favorites are "So Low", "No One At All", "Profit in Peace", "Soul Driver" and "Families".

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