Chuck Berry

One Dozen Berrys - Chess 1958

Tracks: 1. Sweet Little Sixteen / 2. Blue Feeling / 3. La Jaunda / 4. Rockin' at the Philharmonic / 5. Oh Baby Doll / 6. Guitar Boogie / 7. Reelin' and Rockin' / 8. In-Go / 9. Rock & Roll Music / 10. How You've Changed / 11. Low Feeling / 12. It Don't Take But a Few Minutes


As Berry's first album, his second, "One Dozen Berrys" from 1958, is a good mix of previously released singles along a handful of new recordings. The best known and strongest tracks are not surprisingly found among the singles, where "Sweet Little Sixteen" and to a lesser extent "Reelin 'and Rockin'" and "Oh, Baby Doll" have become rock'n roll classics.

Berry's lyrics are often quite precious and certainly not without bites and charms. The Carribean inspired "La Juanda (Espanola)" is a good example; in all its low-fi both charming and catchy.

"Guitar Boogie" is a nice instrumental that must have inspired Jeff Beck and the Yardbirds quite a lot. A little blues "Oh How You Changed" is also to be found; This song was later recorded by The Animals. In the completely unpretentious ball street you will find "It Do not Take But A Few Minutes".

A nice album, but overall also a bit uneven.

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