Moi Caprice

Once Upon a Time in the North - Glorious Records 2003

Tracks: 1. The Only Happy Boy in Copenhagen / 2. Daises / 3. Riding in Cars With Boys / 4. Artboy Meets Artgirl / 5. Chinese Butterflies / 6. The Sun & The Silence / 7. Summerfool / 8. Airholes make Echoes / 9. Girls in the Trees / 10. Berceuse / 11. Strange Weather / 12. Sometimes Theres No End / 13. So Much For Pathos / 14. Once Upon A Time In The North


"Once Upon a Time in the North" from 2003 was moi Caprice's first album. There are many positive and promising elements on the album, but you may quickly realize that this is a debut album and a group which not quite have quite found their musical approach.

Some numbers may seem a little fresh and in some cases slightly unfinished. On the other hand, you also sense a group with both talent and musical ambition. Not least the fairly extensive use of guest musicians on various violins and other classical instruments indicate big visons.

Many of the tracks are somewhat subdued, not least if you have selected the fourteen tracks version with four bonus tracks. Strongest, however, is the group on the more upbeat and rocking numbers, which are also when they sound most like on the following very fine albums that came soon after.

The single "Artboy Meets Artgirl" stand out by being by far the most catchy song - almost the perfect pop single. Otherwise, you’ll note "The Sun and the Silence" and the waltzy "Summerfool" as highlights on the album.

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