Old Songs New Songs - Reprise 1971

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Hung Up Down / 2. Today / 3. Observations from a Hill / 4. Good Friend of Mine / 5. Drowned in Wine / 6. Peace of Mind / 7. Hometown / 8. The Cat and the Rat / 9. No Mule's Fool / 10. See Through Windows / 11. The Weavers Answer


"Old Songs New Songs" was originally a compilation album consisting of singles and alternate versions of album tracks. This is why the album regularly cited as an original album, as there is no direct overlap in relation to the four albums Family had released at the release of it in 1971.

However you categorize the album, it belongs among Family's strongest. Perhaps the most homogeneous, without any weak numbers.

Besides the very fine single-tracks "Hometown," "No Mule's Fool" and "Good Friend of Mine" it is a scoop to get "Observations From a Hill" with Roger Chapman on lead vocals.

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