Old Masters Hidden Treasures - Pop Almanac PACD 7017 - 1993

Tracks: 1. I Can't Let Maggie Go / 2. Texas Gold / 3. Hear Me Only / 4. Baruque'n Roll Star / 5. Madam Chairman of the Cmoittee / 6. Jug of Water / 7. Slow Rock / 8. Story / 9. Lute Girl / 10. Proof Enough / 11. Lovely Ladies'n Things / 12. Cross Channel Ferry / 13. I Can't Say it But I Can Sing if / 14. Music / 15. Lovely Vanessa / 16. The Lady's Not For Burning / 17. Catarina / 18. Love Me Like You Used to Do / 19. Do I Still Figure in Your Life / 20. In My End is My Beginning


Honeybus only released only album (Story 1970) during their active years as a band from 1966-1975. One more album ( "Recital") was ready for release in 1973 for Warmer Brothers, and test-pressings and sketches for a cover were made, but eventually it was decided not to release the album.

This collection has 6 songs from the still unreleased album, along with a lot of other previously unreleased recordings, made after leader and main song-writer Pete Dello's return to the group around 1971.

Pete Dello wrote the group's two outstanding singles ""Do I Still Figure in Your Life" and "I Can't let Maggie Go", both included here, but decided to leave the group while "Maggie" was still riding high in the charts. Dello did not want to tour, and preferred to concentrate on recording and writing songs. He released one great solo album ( "into Your Ears" ) in 1971, which sound a lot like Honeybus. Dello was not in the group while they recorded the album "Story", but band members Ray Cane and Colin Hare took over and wrote good songs, for the album, which was artistically quite good, but eventually sank without a trace. Only the title track from the album is included here.

A big shame really that "Recital" was never released, and all the other rare tracks here document that the group easily could have released one or two more solid albums during the early 1970's. Most of the rare tracks featured here were also included on the fine 2 CD collection "She Flies Like a Bird" from 2002, but as far as I know the 6 "Recital" songs have not yet been released elsewhere.

A great release, which may be hard to find, but really worth going for - a shame that the notes are so sparse. It would have been interesting to learn more about the background for great recordings such as "Texas Gold" and "Hear Me Only".

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