The Who

Odds and Sods - Track 1974

Tracks: 1. I'm The Face / 2. Leaving Here / 3. Baby Don't You Do It / 4. Summertime Blues / 5. Under My Thumb / 6. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand / 7. My Way / 8. Faith In Something Bigger / 9. Glow Girl / 10. Little Billy / 11. Young Man Blues / 12. Cousin Kevin Model Child / 13. Love Ain't For Keeping / 14. Time Is Passing / 15. Pure And Easy / 16. Too Much Of Anything / 17. Long Live Rock / 18. Put The Money Down / 19. We Close Tonight / 20. Postcard / 21. Now I'm A Farmer / 22. Water / 23. Naked Eye


"Odds and sods" was originally a 1974 LP, consisting of 11 rarities and unreleased tracks. Some of the tracks were at that time relatively newly-recorded - including "Long Live Rock", the numbers from an aborted project called "Lifehouse" and tracks from an unreleased EP.

This CD release is considerably extended and it has now full 23 tracks, which are also placed in chronological order, which certainly makes it more listenable gives an overall more homogenous appearance.

The music is both exciting and good. Interesting to hear studio versions of live favourites like "Summertime Blues" and "Baby Do not Do It".

The early song "I'm the Face" has really good beat and lots of charm. The alternative version of "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand" is interesting, without in any way being as good as the "Sell Out" version. Both "Little Billy" and "Glow Girl" is very good numbers which easily could have been released on either one of the group's albums or singles.

The four tracks of the "Lifehouse" project from around 1971, are all high class-recordings; especially "Time is Passing", "Pure and Easy" and "Too Much of Anything" are among the highlights of the CD. Also "Now I'm a Farmer" and "Naked Eye" from an unreleased EP are great additions to the Who-catalogue.

Informative sleeve notes about each track.

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