The Electric Prunes

Release of an Oath - Reprise 1968

Tracks: 1. Kol Nidre / 2. Holy Are You / 3. General Confessional / 4. Individual Concessional / 5. Our Father, Our King / 6. The Adoration / 7. Closing Hymn


It was initially not a very good idea to release an album of "modern" church music in the name of the group "The Electric Prunes ''; but to release a two was murdering the group, and its reputation as one of the progressive psychedelic bands of the late1960's.

The actual group was put out on the sidelines by manager Dave Hassinger and composer David Axelrod. While the first album "Mass in F Minor" had its moments, where you could feel a bit to the original group, "Release of an Oath" is really a dead duck. Dull and weak compositions arranged with strings which in most cases are outright annoying in their annoying high-pitched sound and unexciting harmonies. The lyrics are, perhaps logically, unattractive, but since they In this case, are in English they easily come out proselytizing and intrusive. The singer is at best best, decent. Bassist and drummer are talented and both do their best to save this hopeless project which really cannot be rescued.

Positive with the ultra-short playing-time - less than 25 minutes at that time that could make an album.

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