Nursery Cryme - Famous Charisme 1971

Tracks: 1. The Musical Box / 2. For Absent Friends / 3. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed /4. Seven Stones / 5. Harold The Barrel / 6. Harlequin / 7. The Fountain Of Salmacis


"Nursery Cryme" was the first Genesis album I heard and bought. I had read in a magazine that their music to some extent resembled Procol Harum, which was my favourite band at the time.

I must admit that I was somewhat puzzled by the album when it finally showed up in the mail; the album was not easy to find in Denmark at this point as the group did not yet have a name here.

Of course, I could well enjoy the melodic passages in "The Musical Box" and "Seven Stones", but overall I felt frustration over the many musical antics that constantly disturbed the tranquility.

I managed to eventually get to appreciate the album, and over the next few years "Foxtrot" and "Selling England By the Pound" were also to be found in my record collection.

It's still "The Musical Box" and "Seven Stones", which are my favorites, but aside from "The Fountain of Salmacis", which I never really have come to love, I still think it is one of the group's very best albums. The album's also the first with the classic line-up Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hckett and Collins.

The lyrics are refreshingly different and at first rather mysterious and incomprehensible - not least the weird story in "The Musical Box" of Henry and Cynthia. This song was also the inspiration for the artist Paul Whitehead's haunting cover artwork.

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