Steeleye Span

Now We're Six - Chrysalis 1974

Tracks: 1. Thomas The Rhymer / 2. Drink Down The Moon / 3. Two Magicians / 4. Now We Are Six / 5. Seven Hundred Elves / 6. Long-A-Growing / 7. The Mooncoin Jig / 8. Edwin / 9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / 10. To Know Him Is To Love Him


The title "Now We're Six" refers to the fact that Steeleye Span on this album had expanded the line-up with drummer Nigel Pegrum, bringing the number of members of the group to six. The somewhat silly children's song "Now We're Six" which is featured on the album is hardly reason for choosing this particular title.

It is obvious that the expansion with a drummer gave the group the opportunity to even more determinedly to continue to along rocking direction which was been taken with the two previous albums "Below the Salt" and "Parcel of Rogues." Especially on the albums strongest track "Thomas the Rhymer" this new potential comes to expression. Unfortunately, the choice of songs for this album is very uneven, and in fact only "Thomas the Rhymer," "Long a Growing" and to a minor extend "Drink Down the Moon" continue the high standards of their previous albums. The instrumental "Mooncoin Jig" is of course fine, but otherwise the rest of the album come silly or slightly uninspired.

The two children's songs "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Now We're Six" seem misplaced. The same applies to the old pop hit "To Know Him is to Love Him".

"Edwin" and "Seven Hundred Elves" are basically good and interesting stories, melodically just not very strong. It should be noted that the original album version of "Thomas the Rhymer" is the same edited version as on the single. A longer and even stronger version has been released released on some compilations.

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