Alanis Morissette

Now is the Time - 1992 MCA

Tracks: 1) Real World 2) An Emotion Away 3) Rain 4) The time of your Life 5) No Apologies 6) Can't Deny 7) When We Meet Again 8) Give What You Got 9) (Change Is) Never A Waste Of Time 10) Big Bad Love


I believe many people think that "Jagged Little Pill" was Alanis' debut album; at least I did until I one ran into an article telling that she had actually as a teenager recorded two albums. I obviously became interested in hearing how they sounded. I decided to give the latest of them a listen; it seemed there might be a chance that it would be similar to "Jagged Little Pill".

Already from the very first notes of the opening track I knew this was something completely different from Alanis' later albums. This was main-stream pop-music sounding as if it was recorded in the 1980's; not unlike the sound of Laura Branigan. Impeccably produced and Alanis' voice sounds great, so if you are a fan of Laura Branigan or maybe even Mariah Carey, there is a good chance you will like this album also.

If a few tracks should be pulled out, it must be "The Time of Your Life" which has a harder beat than most of the others, and the song shows in glimpses that this is actually Alanis singing, though I don't think I would have guessed if I did not know. "No Apologies" is a fine ballad, but my guess is that most Alanis Morissette fans will be disappointed with this album.

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