Flaming Groovies

Now - Sire 1978

Tracks: 1. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better / 2. Between the Lines / 3. Up's and Down's / 4. Move It / 5. Take Me Back / 6. Reminiscing / 7. Good Laugh Mun / 8. Yeah My Baby / 9. House of Blue Lights / 10. Blue Turns to Grey / 11. Paint It Black / 12. All I Wanted / 13. Don't Put Me On / 14. There's a Place


The Flaming Groovies' 1978 album "Now" was the sequel to the brilliant "Shake Some Action" from 1976. Like its predecessor "Now" was produced by Dave Edmunds and the recipe for the album is roughly the same, with simple melodic rock songs, marked by the chiming guitars and great inspiration from 1960’s bands like the Byrds, the Beatles and Bobby Fuller Four.

The reasons why "Now" does not quite reach the high levels of its predecessor is partly because the quality of the group's original songs is more uneven and only in songs like "Between the Lines", "Take Me Back", "Good Laugh Mun" and "Don't Put Me On" you feel some of the excitement that characterized "Shake Some Action" - these songs alone, though, are worth the album. Among cover the numbers, I sense only momentarily feel real inspiration. Without really adding anything new song, I think that the group's version of Gene Clark's "Feel a Whole Lot Better" stands out positively. Also their version of The Beatles ' "There's a Place" is solid, while the slightly punk interpretation of Paul Revere & the Raiders' "Ups and Downs" is quite refreshing.

My version is without the two Rolling Stones songs ”Blue Turns to Grey” and ”Paint it Black”, unfortunately, as these great songs probably would add positively to the overall impression of the album.

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