Ocean Colour Scene

North Atlantic Drift - Sanctuary 2003

Tracks: 1. I Just Need Myself / 2. Oh Collector / 3. North Atlantic Drift / 4. Golden Gate Bridge / 5. Make the Deal / 6. For Every Corner / 7. On My Way / 8. Second Hand Car / 9. She's Been Writing / 10. Song Goes On / 11. When Evil Comes / 12. Will You Take Her Love [*] / 13. Me, I'm Left Unsure [*] / 14. Questions [*] / 15. I Want to See the Bright Lights [*]


"North Atlantic Drift" is another fine collection of songs from Ocean Colour Scene. Like always mostly a combination of melodic ballads and mid-tempo rockers; often dominated by acoustic guitars.

This time the album opens with a great high-energy rocker "Just Need Myself"; a song which was also released as a single. Next track "Oh Collector" is a more typical OCS song; a ballad with a more heavy chorus and some wild breaks.. Fine catchy tune.

The album continues with another great song. The title track is a mid-tempo song with acoustic guitars and fine vocals. With "Golden Gate Bridge" the speed goes down: Another ballad with heavy guitars on the chorus. "Make the Deal" is one of the higlights of the album. A very catchy and commercial tune that should have been a hit-single. OCS at their very best, and probably my favourite track.

"For Every Corner" is another catchy tune; a little hymn-like. I can imagine it could turn into a live favourite. "On My Way" is a little funky tune; not particularly memorable.

The acoustic "Second Hand Car" is another nice little song; perhaps sounding too similar to some of their earlier acoustic songs. The string-laden ballad "She's Been Writing" is another personal favourite of mine; though at places the strings tend to be a little too dominating.

The two closing tracks are both nice, but relatively forgettable.

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