Gene Clark

No Other - Asdylum 1974

Tracks: 1. Life's Greatest Fool / 2. Silver Raven / 3. No Other / 4. Strength Of Strings / 5. Form A Silver Phial / 6. Some Misunderstanding / 7. True One / 8. Lady Of The North / 9. Train Leaves Here This Morning / 10. Life's Greatest Fool (*) / 11. Silver Raven (*) / 12. From A Silver Phial (*) / 13. Some Misunderstanding (*) / 14. Lady Of The North (*)


"No Other" is often referred to as Gene Clark's finest album; and indeed - it is hard to disagree.

Started off with two catchy country-rockers "Life's Greatest" and "Silver Raven" the "new" listener probably will expect the album to be in the the same vein as Gram Parson's solo-albums. But with the title-track the record opens towards a broader musicial approach. A little like the Doors on "L.A. Woman". "Strength of Strings" is a slightly weird track, that can hardly be called country - but after a long intro, the song is actually quite catchy.

"From a Silver Phial" is a gorgeous ballad, and the outstanding track on the album - I can never get tired of this song. Weird lyrics and an arrangement quite simliar to Badfinger's "Name of the Game" - another sadly overlooked ballad. A fine alternate version is included among the bonus-tracks. "Some Misunderstanding" is a long slow ballad - a fine song, but a little long-winded for my taste in the long run.

Clark is back on the country-tracks with "The True One" - great song that deserves to become a classic. "Lady of the North" - the original closing track - is a ballad leaving space to musical experiments. "Train Leaves Here" is the only "new" bonus-track - another fine country-song.

The other six bonus-tracks are all alternate versions of songs on the original album; all fine and releaseworthy, but not markedly different from the originally released versions.

All songs were written by Clark ( two in collaboration ) and show him as a versatile and gifted songwriter. Musically Clark is helped by a long list of friends like Chris Hillman, Tim Scmit, Jerry McGee, Richard Greene, Jo Lala, Butch Trucks and Lee Sklar.

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