No Need to Argue - Island 1994

Tracks: 1. Ode To My Family / 2. I Can't Be With You / 3. Twenty One / 4. Zombie / 5. Empty / 6. Everything I Said / 7. The Icicle Melts / 8. Disappointment / 9. Ridiculous Thoughts / 10. Dreaming My Dreams / 11. Yeats' Grave / 12. Daffodil Lament / 13. No Need To Argue


""No Need to Argue" is the best selling album the Cranberries have released before their current hiatus. The album contains two of their finest singles "Ode to My Family" and the controversal "Zombie".

Though their music hardly can be called folk, there is an umistakeably influence from traditional Irish Music. On some of the strongest song find this influence obvious.

The album opens with beautiful "Ode to My Family" and the album continues with three more great songs. "I Can't Be With You" is one of the few upbeat rockers on the album - a catchy tune. Like "Ode to My Family" "Twenty One" is just beautiful and the powerful voice of singer Dolores O'Riordan is bound to hit you on the haunting "Zombie".

You may easily get the feeling that you're in the middle of listening to one of the few perfect albums in rock, but unfortunately the next handful of tracks do not live to the opening four. Though well-performed the songs are simply not as good. Luckily the high standards are reset with O'Riordan's waltzy ballad "Dreaming My Dreams". "Yeat's Grave" is, inspite of its dark lyrics, quite uplifting.

The hymn-like title track is a fine closing track to the solid, but slightly uneven, album with some really great songs and the powerful voice of Dolores O'Riordan.

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