Indigo Girls

Nomads, Indians and Saints - Epic 1990

Tracks: 1. Hammer And Nail / 2. Welcome Me / 3. World Falls / 4. Southland In The Springtime / 5. 1 2 3 / 6. Keeper Of My Heart / 7. Watershed / 8. Hand Me Downs / 9. You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars / 10. Pushing The Needle Too Far / 11. The Girl With The Weight Of The World In Her Hands / 12. Welcome Me (Live) / 13. Interview / 14. You And Me Of The 10,000


This was my first Indigo Girls album. I had never heard of them until I coincidently turned on my car-radio just as "Hammer and a Nail" had started. I knew at once that there was something special about this band. Later of course, having bought their album "Nomads." I found out that they were actually only a duo. Though "Hammer and a Nail" was the only obvious up-beat song, I was not as at all disappointed with the album. Judged from this album alone, I was sure that Emily Saliers here. It`s not that Ray`s songs are not good, it`s more that Saliers`are so great. Luckily Ray has grown as a songwriter in recent years so there is a more balance between them today. Her best song here is "Hand Me Downs", which really is great.

It`s hard to pick out one of Emliy's songs from the others because they`re all great; many of them have become live-favourites.

The blend of their two voices, their brilliant acoustic guitar-playing and their classy songwriting - what more can you wish for.

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