Marshall Crenshaw

The 9 Volt Years - Razor and Tie 1998

Tracks: 1. Run Back To You / 2. Someday Someway / 3. Bad Luck / 4. Stay Fabulous / 5. Everyone's In Love With You / 6. You're My Favorite Waste Of Time / 7. Vague Memory / 8. Bruce Is King / 9. That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On / 10. She's Not You / 11. The Thrill Of The Fight / 12. First Love / 13. Something's Gonna Happen / 14. I'm Sorry / 15. Rockin' Around In NYC


This is a collection of demos and none of the recordings were originally considered for release. So obviously, you can't expect hi-fi sound quality; nonetheless most tracks sound very good and many songs are easily as good as Crenshaw's released album-tracks.

Most songs are upbeat-pop-rockers and most of them are both fine and catchy; I especially like the two opening tracks "Run Back to You" and "Someday Someway"; the latter is supposedly the only track recorded with professional equipment.

Probably the stand-out is the simple, but extremely catchy "You're My Favorite Waste of Time", which was a minor hit for Bette Midler. Interesting how Crenshaw's voice often sound like John Lennon's.

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