Suzanne Vega

99.9 F - AM Records 1992

Tracks: 1. Rock in This Pocket / 2. Blood Makes Noise / 3. In Liverpool / 4. 99.9 F / 5. Blood Sings / 6. Fat Man and Dancing Girl / 7. (If You Were) In My Movie / 8. As a Child / 9. Bad Wisdom / 10. When Heroes Go Down / 11. As Girls Go / 12. Song of Sand


Suzanne Vega's fourth album "99.9F" was produced by her husband Mitchell Froom, and his completely different approach to recording brought new life into her music. After the releatively pale album "Days of Open Hand" new inspiration was needed; and Vega really do sound inspired on this album. Many tracks feature odd mechanical sounds and noises, and there is an overall greater variety in style and moods than on her previous albums.

The odd sounds on tracks like "Rock in This Pocket", "Blood Makes Noise" and the title track may at first seem a little weird, but especially "Blood Makes Noise" and "99.9F" have become some of my all-time favourites; though different, these are still very melodic songs.

More traditional Vega songs are the catchy "In Liverpool" and the up-beat "When Heroes Go Down"; both highlights and both were chosen for singles.

There is also a handful of quieter tunes, and among those "Bad Wisdom" stand out.

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