Nicely Out of Tune - Famous Charisma - 1970

Tracks: 1. Lady Eleanor / 2. Road to Kingdom Come / 3. Winter Song / 4. Turn a Deaf Ear / 5. Clear White Light, Pt. 2 / 6. We Can Swing Together / 7. Alan in the River With Flowers / 8. Down / 9. Things I Should Have Said / 10. Jackhammer Blues / 11. Scarecrow Song / 12. Knackers Yard Blues [*]/ 13. Nothing But the Marvellous Is Beautiful [*]


"Nicely Out of Tune" was Lindisfarne's 1970 debut-album. Lindisfarne's music is catchy folk-inspired music; maybe it could be described as a British version of Lovin' Spoonful's good-time music.

Lovin' Spoonful had John Sebastian and Lindisfarne had Alan Hull; both great singers and songwriters. Hull contributes 7 of the original album's 11 songs, and he is obviously the dominating personality in the band. Songs like "Lady Eleanor", "Winter Song", "Scarecrow Song" and "We Can Swing Together" are simply outstanding.

"Turn a Deaf Ear" written by Rab Noakes is another highlight; actually there are no weak tracks on the album. Rod Clements, another fine song-writer in the band, wrote two of the songs and especially "Road to Kingdom" is great and a Lindisfarne classic.

The two bonus tracks are good, but no more than that.

"Nicely out of Tune" and the follow-up, "Fog on the Tyne", are the two most consistent Lindisfarne albums, and both are highly recommendable.

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